1.2 Tons Sack 4 PP Belts Sling Bag For Fertilizer Transported By Forklift 

Short Description:

  • Size: 153*143*200cm
  • Color: White
  • Type: 4 loops 7cm 50g/m
  • Loop length: one loop total length 400cm
  • Bottom flat: 200g/m2 laminated
  • Bag Weight: 1.75kg/pc
  • Product Detail

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    Product Description

    Sling bag is a kind of flexible container of transportation. Our products have favorable performance, with the features of damp-proof, dust-proof, radiation-resistant, firm and security, enough intensity in structure, convenient operation in loading and unloading. It adapts to load and unload automatically. It can be used in packing the power of chemical, cement, grain, mine, so it is the perfect commodity in storage and transportation industry.

    (1) The loading capacity is 0.5-2ton ,the volume is 500-2300l and the safety factor (SF)can be designed at 3:1 5:1 6:1 according to the customer need

    (2) According to the content, we divide bags into bulk bags and small bags and can be used into single trip or multi-trip

    (3) the shape of FIBC can be round and square

    (4) the lifting type can be top lift, side lift and bottom lift

    Customized PP Woven Bags

    Name 1.2 tons sack 4 PP belts sling bag for fertilizer transported by forklift 
    Item stand up bag in big sizes
    Material 100% PP / polypropylene virgin resin or lamination PE fabric
    Fabric weight ‹g/sq.m.› 80-260g/sq.m.
    Denier 1200-1800D
    Dimension Regular size:85*85*90cm/90*90*100cm/95*95*110cm,
    or customized
    Construction 4-panel/U-panel/circular/Tubular/rectangular shape  
    or customized
    Top Option ‹Filling› Top Fill Spout/Top Full Open/Top Fill Skirt/Top Conical  
    or customized
    Bottom Option ‹Discharge› Flat Bottom/Flat Bottom/With Spout/Conical Bottom  
    or customized
    Loops 2 or 4 belts, cross corner loop/Double stevedore loop/side-seam loop  or customized
    Dust excluder Ropes 1 or 2 around bags body,
    or customized
    Safety Factor 5:1 /6:1/3:1 or customized
    Load capacity 500kg-3000kg
    Color White,  beige , black , yellow
    or customized
    Printing Simple offset or flexible printing
    Document pouch/label Yes/No
    Surface dealing Anti-slip or plain
    Sewing Plain/chain/chain lock with optional soft-proof or leakage proof
    Liner PE liner hot seal or sewing on the edge of bottom and top high transparent
    Characteristics breathable/UN/Antistatic/Food Grade/Recyclable/Moisture Proof/Conductive/Biodegradable/SGS food grade packages
    Packing detail About 200 pieces per pallet or under customers' requirements
    50pcs/bale; 200pcs/pallet ,20pallets/20'container
    50pcs/bale; 200pcs/pallet ,40pallets/40'container
    Usage Transport Packing/Chemicals/food/construction
    Storage and Packaging rice, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed, asbestos, fertilizer, sand, cement, metals, cinder, waste etc.
    Remark 1.The price depends on the bag you demand(sharp, size and printing quality)
    2. Best quotation offer after receiving full details of the bag you want

    Production Process

    production process


    Automatic drawing machine
    film blowing machine
    High speed circular loom
    Ultrasonic cutter
    wire drawing machine

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