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Urea PhosphateHigh-Quality Ruminant Feed Additive

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Urea phosphate, also known as UP fertilizer, is a highly efficient ruminant feed additive produced by Tianjin Prosperity Trading Co., Ltd. This organic substance, with its unique formula, exhibits superior qualities than ordinary urea while providing non-protein nitrogen and phosphorus.

Tianjin Shengsheng Trading Co., Ltd., as a well-known manufacturer of UP urea phosphate, has consistently provided high-quality products since its establishment in June 2018. Our company is located in Tianjin Airport Economic Zone, China, with a strategic location, only 25 kilometers away from Tianjin Xingang Port. This proximity enables seamless shipping and timely delivery, ensuring global customer satisfaction.


Certificate of Analysis for Urea Phosphate
No. Items for detecting and analyzing Specifications Results of inspecting
1 Main Content  as H3PO4 · CO(NH2)2, % 98.0min 98.4
2 Nitrogen , as N  % : 17min 17.24
3 Phosphorus pentoxide as P2O5 % : 44min 44.62
4 Moisture as H2O % : 0.3max 0.1
5 Water insoluble % 0. 5max 0.13
6 PH value 1.6-2.4 1.6
7 Heavy metal, as Pb 0.03 0.01
8 Arsenic, As 0.01 0.002


As a feed additive, urea phosphate plays a vital role in animal husbandry. It is known to enhance animal nutrition and optimize protein synthesis, thereby increasing growth and productivity. By providing non-protein nitrogen and phosphorus, urea phosphate ensures a balanced diet for ruminants and aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

One of the main advantages of urea phosphate is its ability to replenish phosphorus, an important mineral in animal nutrition, without the need for additional additives. By incorporating UP Fertilizer into animal diets, farmers can ensure healthy bone development, improve fertility and increase milk production in their cows.

Urea Phosphate provides multiple benefits to ruminants due to its superior formulation. First, it helps improve protein utilization in the rumen, thereby increasing growth rate and nutrient absorption. Secondly, it aids the fermentation process, optimizes the breakdown of feed particles, and improves digestion. Finally, urea phosphate acts as a nitrogen source, enhancing microbial populations in the rumen and promoting digestive health.

At Tianjin Shengsheng Trading Co., Ltd., we prioritize the quality and purity of our urea phosphate products. Through stringent quality control measures, we ensure that our UP Fertilizer meets international standards and exceeds customer expectations. Our dedicated team of professionals monitors every stage of the production process, from raw material procurement to final packaging, ensuring product consistency and reliability.

In summary, urea phosphate (UP fertilizer) produced by Tianjin Shengsheng Trading Co., Ltd. is a special ruminant feed additive with multiple advantages. This organic substance is uniquely formulated to provide non-protein nitrogen and phosphorus to enhance animal nutrition, promote growth and increase productivity. Our company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us the first choice for UP Phosphate Urea worldwide. Trusted Tianjin Shengsheng Trading Co., Ltd. provides high-quality feed additives that optimize livestock nutrition and contribute to the success of your agricultural operation.


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